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General: History, Sports, Video Games, Reading, Anime, Music, Hurricanes

Games: Mario Kart Wii, Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Victoria II, Paper Mario, Shenmue, NCAA Football 14, Jet Set Radio, LSD, Danganronpa, Shadow Hearts

Music: Songs:Ohia, Deftones, Sunny Day Real Estate, 16 Horsepower, Travis Scott, Death's Dynamic Shroud, Hideki Naganuma, Lil Darkie, The Mars Volta

Anime: Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Soul Eater, Initial D, Chrono Crusade, Hajime No Ippo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vinland Saga, Oshi No Ko

Sports: Carolina Panthers, Duke Blue Devils, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Raptors

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Hey there! You stumbled across my little slice of cyberspace! Welcome to my website, and well, my Myspace profile on my website! Yes I know it makes no real practical sense, but dammit I love how the layout looks and couldn't think of any better way to format personal information so here we are!

This website came to me in a dream. Nah, just kidding. Like probably most Neocities websites, I was inspired back 2 years ago by my past online experiences in different communities and places that have since died or been replaced by the corporate modern web that we all know and hate. Since then, this place has changed drastically, going through many looks and even a complete reboot from scratch.

As of 11-28-2023, this website is still under HEAVY construction. If you're here because there's nowhere else to go yet, Hi!

May's Blurb

Things I Like: Dogs, Nature, Winter, Ghost Stories, Victorian and Gothic archiecture, Surfing the net, Rainy Days, Home Cooking, America, Fuckhuge trees

Things I Dislike: Loud Noises, Cringe culture, Summer, Minimalist design, Tyranny, Any kind of censorship, Presentism, Stealth games. Planned obsolescence

Site To Do List

  • "Finish" Front Page layout
  • Finish About Me page layout
  • Reimport my personal lists into the About Me Page
  • Create Shrines page layout
  • Create Football Coffin-Corner subsite with distinct UI
  • Create C-C article directory using a timeline UI
  • Re-Import Old Articles into C-C
  • Create Video Games page layout
  • Games page directories: One for any mods or things like that I make, one for writings and tutorials, one for reviews, TBD
  • Shrine Idea 1: 2000s Fan-Site parody based on my NCAA 14 Duke dynasty which will include a custom playbook (based on my real offense in the game) and a playsheet
  • Shrine Idea 2: A Dreamcast shrine dedicated to my favorite games and aspects of the platform
  • Shrine Idea 3: A Memorial to the Carolina Panthers (RIP 1995-2018)
  • Shrine Idea 4: A Goodtime Valley inspired website
  • Finishing Touches

  • Sega Saturn Entrance page
  • Create Anime list and Timesheet
  • Create a blog on the About Me Page
  • Potentially try to fit a recent blog posts section somewhere on the front page depending on how often I use it.
  • Put an archive of my old website somewhere, probably in the About Me sect.
  • Create a custom guestbook
  • Create a sitemap and add the button to the Control Panel
  • Create a Mario Kart Wii randomizer for the Goodies section
  • Create more banners for the marquee on the front page and the goodies section
  • Create more 88x31 buttons for the Goodies section
  • Create custom awards for the Goodies section
  • Once the groundwork for the site is done, hopefully do more original articles in Coffin-Corner, mods (like actually finishing my MKW music pack), blog posts, etc.
  • Unrelated to this site but a side project idea I've always had would be to try and bring back site awards and site of the week sort of deals, though this would likely be hosted on a different neocities site entirely.