welcome to the part of my website where i store my shrines! I have a ton of ideas for these rummaging around in my head, but they're very time consuming to create and as of the time of writing this I'm still trying to lay the bare basics for the site. That said, when I do make them they'll appear here with a nice little preview you can view of the page!

You can view potential future shrines over at the to-do list in the About me if you are curious. One note, my shrines aren't necessarily always going to be expressions of fandom for explicit things. For instance, my first Shrine (hooreport.com) is meant to be a parody fan-site of the sorts of fan websites you'd find on Geocities back in the 2000s with a large catch: it's based on an actual NCAA Football 14 dynasty i'm running! I know this isn't exactly a shrine in the traditional sense, but I think it fits the term applicably enough.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

Shrine 1

hooreport.com (NCAA 14 Dynasty Shrine)


Shrine 2

My Dreamcast shrine (it never even began)


Shrine 3