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In time, I will try to have an article describing where to begin for those coming over from the modern game that are trying to appreciate the olden days. I mean, I made this site in 2021 and I still learn new things every time I get caught in a rabbithole. I also intend on making one explaining how exactly American football evolved from European football. When those articles are made, it will be linked here.

Welcome to the archives!

This is Coffin-Corner, home of all the football content on this site! Items here will be largely historical in nature, as the early history of the game tends to be greatly underdiscussed and unappreciated by many. The goal of this sub-site is simple; to spread knowledge of this time period far and wide, clear up common myths/misconceptions, and hopefully teach you, the reader, something new!

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Here are some useful resources for learning not only more about the game's history, but the Xs and Os as well.

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