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02-28-2023: Finished general games page layout and reviews/mods subcategories, Finished general lists page layout and re-imported games list, added music diary and entries, imported a music list from RYM that needs to have some things changed about it (including adding sortable tables), made a dedicated update log, re-organized the front page and about me (this should now hopefully look somewhat right on firefox), made a new 88x31 button, and updated webring widget.

02-15-2023: So yeah, my computer finally shit itself after 6 years and I had to go a while without one, of which I thought I was dying at several points. So elated to be back on the web. This also gave me time to think out what I wanna do with this place more thoroughly, so I'll be able to resume updating soon. Oh yeah, and I'm moving to a proper update log so now I'll be able to type a lot more in these. Yay!

12-11-2023: Completed Shrines page layout, re-imported lists, edited About me layout some more.

12-02-2023: Completed About Me page layout, some tweaks here and there.

11-28-2023: Complete website overhaul from scratch. Only the front page completed as of now.

07-29-2023: Revamped the front page for the 20th time.

10-18-2022: Wrote triple option guide for NCAA 14 page

10-14-2022: Video games category completed, custom cursor added to the index and vault.

10-12-2022: Football and Vault buttons are both clickable and work. Added guestbook. Revamped football page layout and made the category functional.

10-11-2022: Revamped the main page with a chat box, more statistics, and a featured pages section. Added temporary link to the old version of the website while update is in progress.

04-22-2022: General cleanup of terrible noob code, made the dice which leds to random easter eggs.

04-14-2022: Finished nav. bar in the vault.

04-13-2022: Added Page titles and a favicon.

04-11-2022: Changed site name, general reorganizations, edited the made page, and made a new error page.

01-14-2022: Fixed buttons on VG and TC pages, other small things

01-13-2022: Completed the Tropical Cyclone main page

11-20-2021: Created the main page for the video games section

11-12-2021: Created an Article on Cam Newton's return, more temporary landing pages

11-03-2021: Added my personal media lists to the website

10-29-2021: Finished 19th Century Brutality article, small CSS changes on Football page. Added 88x31 buttons and the Credits page.

10-27-2021: Created temporary landing pages, made minor edits to front page.

10-22-2021: Started on "Why is Football named Football?" article

10-21-2021: HTML/CSS edits on front page

10-20-2021: Added Update Log, Site Info and overhauled page designs.

10-14-2021: Completed design of the Football page

10-12-2021: Completed the 1888 Yale Bulldogs article

10-08-2021: Edited the front page

10-06-2021: Began actual work on the site with front page's creation

09-26-2021: Created the site